Mark Twain–Mark McGwire–A case of the fantods

This post has nothing to do with food or music, but I think it’s worth mentioning because I love Mark Twain and I love baseball, and I love funny things like this:

Mo. General Assembly votes to rename Mark McGwire Highway

Marshall Griffin, St. Louis Public Radio (2010-05-14)

Finely/AP // <![CDATA[//
JEFFERSON CITY, MO. (St. Louis Public Radio) – The Missouri House has passed legislation that would remove Mark McGwire’s name from I-70 in St. Louis.

“The stretch of interstate was named for the retired Cardinals slugger in 1999, one year after he hit a then-major league record 70 home runs in a season.

But his reputation took a hit in 2005 when he refused to answer questions at a congressional hearing into steroid use in baseball. He admitted to steroid use earlier this year.

State Representative Rachel Storch (D, St. Louis) was one of many lawmakers who voted in favor of dropping the name “Mark McGwire Highway.”

“Personally I think he should be given a second chance, he’s apologized and we need to move forward, but the reality is he admitted that he cheated, and people just didn’t feel comfortable with having a highway named after him anymore,” Storch said.

House Member Cynthia Davis (R, O’Fallon) also voted for the name change.

“I am one of those who believes you shouldn’t name anything after people till after they’re deceased…people need to have heroes, but this is just yet still one reason why it is better to wait till they’re really dead instead of trying to fabricate this while they’re alive,” Davis said.

The bill would restore I-70’s original name in St. Louis, the Mark Twain Highway.”

I think it’s priceless.  I know Mark Twain is enjoying a big laugh at this one.

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