Jazz and Wine at Sunset Hills

SSHV Main EntranceSSHV Outdoor Porch

Sunday, April 18, 2010.  A beautifully chilly spring day.  I am no jazz drummer, but I am working on it.  And playing at it.  And loving it.  I played for Seussical: the Musical with a couple of buddies who decided it would be fun to play some standards together…so we booked a show at Sunset Hills.  We show up on jazz time, set up (me on a chair because someone had lifted my throne a couple of nights prior), and burned through some standards (“All Blues,” “Take Five,” “Blue Bossa,” “Oye Como Va,” [sure that’s a standard!], “Straight, No Chaser…”).  Man, it was fun.  The winemaker is friends with my buddies, so he sat in on guitar…it was a treat.  And he makes an enormously fine Viognier, with a bottle of which he sent us home. (That is the kind of criticism up with which I will not put…).  Wine and jazz…a good Sunday afternoon.  Hopefully we’ll do it again soon…

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