Coffee and Donuts

Charlottesville:  Spudnuts.  Lovingston: Trager Brothers Coffee–Ethiopia, Sumatra, or Bali.  Take a bite.  Chew once or twice.  Take a sip.  Whatever chemical reaction happens in your mouth at this time is noteworthy.  Undeniable.  Sweet and savory blending in a dance of titillating taste-bud heaven.  Okay.  It’s like music in your mouth.  I’m done.  More later.

3 Responses to “Coffee and Donuts”

  1. Punster Says:

    What about Carpe Donut? That’s some rockin’ organic donuts!!! Never before had I had an actual “hot” donut either!

  2. gwen fox Says:

    OK…now I’m hungry. Great job of capturing the delight of the moment.

  3. CvilleMusicCooks Says:

    I love those donuts, too. You can’t beat a hot donut. Sometimes you can get lucky at Spudnuts. We used to stop by Krispy Kreme on the way home from school when the “Hot Donuts Now” light was on. It was like a mecca. And you could get the second dozen for half off.

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