Brining a Turkey, Basting a Song

Goofy title, okay, sure.  What else am I supposed to do here?  I’m trying to connect cooking and music…and even though there are many, many correlations, sometimes I have to stretch it.  We brined our Christmas turkey for the first time, and man–that’s the way to go.  (The little red line came up under the word “brined,” so I right-clicked it to see what word it suggested I use instead, and one possibility for a change was “brained.”  No, that’s what happened to the turkey before we brined it).

It was the best Christmas turkey ever for the best Christmas dinner ever to accompany the best Christmas ever.  From that one turkey we made turkey stock, turkey soup, turkey hash, turkey chili (not great–cooked too long), turkey salad (quite good), and turkey brownies.  Just kidding about the brownies.  That was a lot of turkey, though.  I’ll post the recipes soon.

Let’s talk about brining, which kind of goes hand in hand with the idea that you can always add more salt, but it’s hard to take it out once it’s in.  The brine consisted of 2 gallons of water and apple juice, a cup of brown sugar, almost two cups of salt, some torn up bay leaves, a whole head of garlic, thyme, and peppercorns.  I put all of that, plus the turkey, in a five gallon bucket to sit overnight–recommended time was between 12 and 24 hours–we split the difference with 18, and it turned out perfectly.  As Mary Catherine said, “It was the juiciest turkey we ever cooked.”  Well, she ever cooked.  I just brined it…she did all the basting and monitoring while I was slinging out cd’s and records at Sidetracks.  But I tell you what…it was a great turkey.

How do I relate this to music?  Well.  I’m getting to that.  More later.  And remind me to tell you about throwing the opossum.

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