Stuart Gunter here.

In honor of Johnny Gilmore, I wanted to start a Charlottesville music cooking site.  I don’t know why, necessarily, except that I do know that food and music go hand in hand.  Please send in recipes, road/food stories, cooking in the kitchen stories and tips, restaurant stories good and bad…my hope is to keep alive the idea of helping out the people who are still with us.  I’d love to set up a Cville musician’s fund, but I’m not sure how to go about setting up a non-profit, money issues, etc.   I thought I would start here and see where it leads.  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me at or facebook.

So, I’ve followed a few avenues on the trail of a recipe for Johnny’s fishcakes.  So far,  here is some idea from Jay Pun, a fine foodie himself, a dear friend, and a friend to Johnny:

I don’t have the actual recipe, he kept it such a secret!
at first I tried a can of Salmon, but this past time we tried tuna, and I think we got the closest we’ve ever gotten. Now, he had it very fine, so he took the can and kept running a fork through it all… then I added breadcrumbs (sometimes store bought, but if I forgot I just toasted some bread and then got it really fine)… I add salt, pepper, maybe about 1-2 eggs… and garlic/onions diced…

then I put them together by hand and then fry them at a high heated oil like canola, though he probably used vegetable oil…

we of course add more sometimes, like italian parsely, sometimes even fishsauce, but the best was the first paragraph I wrote… simple.

he then had it on white bread with ketchup and mustard, that’s it!”

Thanks, Jay.

Here’s to Johnny.  Here’s to smoke detectors.  Here’s to life.  Fishcakes!


One Response to “Fishcakes!”

  1. charlottesvillemusiccooks Says:

    Johnny Gilmore’s fishcakes:

    1 can fish (salmon or tuna)
    bread crumbs–some
    salt & pepper to taste
    minced garlic and onion–some
    1-2 eggs

    run fork through fish until very fine
    add bread crumbs, salt, pepper, garlic and onions, egg
    form into cakes, by hand
    fry in pan (cast iron skillet works well) in vegetable oil on high heat

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